Final Portfolio

Process: This project consists of making a compilation of the projects that have been completed in Comm 125. I first began by customizing my Powerpoint presentation by adding a simple curved shape as text boxes on all of my slides, as well as placing a wood panel image for the background. I customized each text box to correlate with the colors of the project on that slide. I also added a title and conclusion slide to frame my presentation and add explanation. I hope that my slideshare portfolio will appeal to potential employers as well as clients. I hope to convey the message that I am a professional well-organized designer that they would be excited to work with or employ.
Critique: I posted my draft to the Comm125 Facebook page and received feedback from Carrie Clark and Eva Walburger. They both had great positive feedback. Carrie mentioned that she found my text to by slightly grainy when viewed on the slideshare. I also noticed this but found this to be an inevitability based on formatting of the pdf file. I also received feedback from Sister Peterson who suggested that I adjust the sizing and placement of an image on one of the slides so that the diagonal alignment would be more pronounced. I easily made this adjustment.

3 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Hi Kaylee! Your final portfolio looks really great! I love that you chose a background image to place into your design instead of just solid colors. It adds an extra element to it that makes everything stand out. I also like your color scheme. Each color bar corresponds with the project images and it pulls the whole thing together. Great job! If you get a chance, check out my final portfolio:


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